What Makes Us Mistreat our Environment and Other Creatures?

What Makes Us Mistreat our Environment and Other Creatures?

What Makes Us Mistreat our Environment and Other Creatures?

What makes us mistreat our environment and other creatures? Have you ever taken a few minutes and try to understand why humans act the way we do towards the environment and other creatures. All babies love any kind of animals and plants. We are all born withy huge amounts of love to share. Babies don’t see uglies in anything. What changes when we grow up.

Why do we mistreat the same environment that provides us with our basic needs

Each of us understands what role the environment plays in our lives. We know how important it is for us o conserve but still subject it to all manner of pollution.

One person does the damage, then we all follow the bad example and make things worse.

We have come to act as if our environment needs us, yet it is the other way round. We are the ones that need our environment for survival.

It is sad to see us cutting down trees, disposing waste into water bodies, introducing invasive species, directing our raw sewage into water bodies, etc.

We have no respect or even mercy towards our environment. She is like the unwanted stepchild, that no one wants to have around.

Why do we kill, mistreat and even experiment on the other creatures?

We have turned almost all the other creatures into our slaves. Using them for all sort of reasons. From experiments, labor, fun, among others.

Unlike humans, they have a different language that they are not able to pass a message to humans. And we have ended up labeling them voiceless creatures.

All animals have some form of passing message if we pay attention. They do deserve to have a nice life. And their life respected.


Are we losing the human touch in us, and turning into monsters? What is happening to our DNA developments? Our behavior changes are alarming and worrying.

We have been fighting each other, and now extending it to other innocent creatures.

If we allowed ourselves to be human again, maybe we can be able to save our planet.

Time to take one step back and claim our humanity back. Am sure humanity will not kill other animals for fun, or pollute the environment.


  1. thelongview says:

    I think it’s primarily laziness. Every action that is kind to the environment requires more work than the alternative. Convenience has become the ruler of our lives. “Toss and buy” is so much easier than “wash, dry, mend, reuse”. But there also seems to be an element of cruelty in humanity, that the suffering of another being does not seem to matter, or might even arouse excitement, as in hunting and killing animals. We are only another animal. But unfortunately we are the most successful animal.

    • Cheche says:

      Very true. We no longer mend anything, if it seems broken. We replace. As much as we may have emerged to be the successful animals, we kinda use the ability wrongly. Hence hunting other animals. Lions are the kings of the jungle, but they will never kill for fun.

  2. Bumba says:

    It’s a complicated story. But, from the get go babies are also born with fear and with a very human combination of positive and negative attributes. Humans have been deforesting and plundering the earth for a long time. Also creating art, literature and the sciences – which hopefully can give us the wisdom to treasure this planet and try to leave it in a better place and thus to appreciate its beauty and our place in it.

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