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What Will We Tell Them?

What Will We Tell Them?

What Will We Tell Them?
When they ask about them,
When they see all the wonderful and unique species,
In green fields patches.
The Internet never forgets,
Photos hold on to memories for many years,
As things keep changing,
They help us see what has changed.
The future generation will want to know where rhinos went to,
Why they can not enjoy a safari,
Or touring a field full of indigenous plant species,
They will experience enormous gaps.
Whatever we are joking with right now, 
Will be a dinosaur experience to them,
Not able to see them or experience their awesomeness,
But instead read about them as history.
They will have a very little natural resource base to benefit from, 
As we will have exploited almost all of it,
Islands will have been long gone,
And some continent will have transformed to deserts.
How selfish of us, 
To use even what is meant for the future generation,
Not caring about any other living organisms, apart from ourselves,
Ignoring the reality that we can not survive without the rest.
We created this mess,
It's courtesy enough we clean it up,
Let us no snatch future generation opportunities,
To have full safe lives.
This is by holding hands together and work as a team,
To undo the damage and give our planet,
It's healthy back,
Please, let us fight for our dying planet.
Please end climate injustice
Please end climate injustice
Our Future is on line
There is no planet B

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