Would You Pay Extra towards Conservation?

Think about it, would pay extra towards conservation? Where we assume that the amount given will indeed be pumped into conservation. Do conservation areas need any maintenance? If yes, are these maintenance for human entertainment or wildlife conservation? Are they wildlife and environmentally friendly?

Would You Pay Extra to promote conservation?

This was one of the questions asked in a survey I bumped into. And my first thoughts were, why do we always peg conservation to money all the time? Does it mean that all conservation efforts have money involved? Can we make conservation less of a business and do right by our wildlife? Yes, we need money to do some stuff within conservation. But the bulk of it depends on free simple ways that are absolutely free.

You can never place a price tag on any living organism, including wildlife and plants.

Stop forcing us to see other parks or reserves to be better than the others, hence justifying the higher rates. All parks, reserves, and anywhere occupied by wildlife is unique and deserves all the attention other areas are being accorded.

Urbanization and need for place for the developments doesn’t give us a free card to continue:

  • Clearing trees
  • Promoting deforestation
  • Degazetting forests
  • Etc

We should be looking for ways to co-exist. To merge developments and nature. We did it many years ago and managed not to send species to extinction. Pandemic slowed all of us unapologetically, regardless of all our technologies. It took our loved ones, livelihoods, among others. We not only paused but made to reflect on some crucial stuff we have been taking for granted.

Before, we think about giving to wildlife, can we please acknowledge and embrace true conservation. Don’t cut trees then donate a few million towards the planting of trees, just leave the trees untouched. That is far much better than showering them the millions. This also goes to placing wildlife in captivity in the name of wildlife protection. Or displacing communities for wildlife. There’s no need because we can all co-exist.

Think about it and share your thoughts

Humanity touch is paramount, and money is not the answer. It may give short term results, but with time, it fails.

10 thoughts on “Would You Pay Extra towards Conservation?”

  1. Interesting….I would say another way of contributing to a cause instead of just throwing money at it would be to volunteer your skills or use your professional network to promote the cause.

      • I’m in the process of creating a website that brings together all information on palm oil, what products it’s in, how to find alternatives that have sustainable palm oil in it. In Australia and New Zealand there is no labeling on products to show where the palm oil comes from, if it means forests are destroyed. So I am looking online and researching finding updated info putting it all on one website on WordPress. This is how people everyday can make a difference, by their supermarket choices. If they don’t buy certain products that are unethical, then companies are forced to change. So that’s what I’m doing as it fits into my skills which are in marketing 😉 Once the website is finished Cheche would love to get your thoughts on it, and what African products could be added on there. Happy new year to you 🎇🎇🎆

  2. If money could buy safety and security then the world hadn’t reached to such a precipice. People must urgently dissuade from unethical and potentially harmful business practices,just for money. We must comply with the dictats of nature on an emergency basis to avert futher disaster afflicted by it. Harmony and in accordance with nature is the need of the hour.


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