Do You Still Buy New Clothes For Christmas?

Holidays are here with us. It’s that time suffocated by sales, black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. New clothes are some of the stuff mos bought. This is despite people not necessarily needing any extra of them. When did it become okay to shame someone for repeating their clothes? Who said lots of new clothes signifies your financial status? Do you really need any new clothes?

Fast fashion

Investopedia describes fast fashion as a term used to describe clothing designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends. The collections are often based on designs presented at Fashion Week events. Fast fashion allows mainstream consumers to purchase trendy clothing at an affordable price.

Just like he name says, its meant to move fast. Hence made cheap for affordability among the target groups. Trends are short lived , unlike old times. Sometimes, its even difficult to keep up with all the trends around us. Do we need to comly to all trends? Is it cool anymore to be trendly? Plus I tend to think trends suppresses your ability to be unique.

Let’s normalize repeating of clothes

With all the available social media platforms, DIYs are a click away. We continue to learn more from each other. You can now easily repeat that gorgeous shirt five times, differently every time.

As long as you don’t need anything, it remains expensive. Coolness doesn’t come from being trendy, just be nice. People no longer take keen on the looks. They may like or even love your trendy trends. But if you are a horrible person, they will not really like to be associated with you. A good and warm heart goes a long way.

A lot of important resources go into their production. Plus it has been noted that labor may be using kids. They are also poorly paid and under poor conditions. You wouldn’t like to be a reason for such. We are at a time where we have to be careful about how we use the available natural resources.

Before making the next purchase, thik really hard and re-evaluate if you really need it.

Zero waste also applies to clothes

If you cant wear them several years without the need to replace it, dont buy them.

Be stylistic not trendy.

Second hand clothes are not bad at all. They offer same services as the new ones.


Natural resources continue to be scarce, hence the need to preserve what we have.

Don’t be the drive behind fast fashion. whatever trends in the catwalks, let it remain there. We have bigger fish to fry. Like fighting corruption, reviving humanity within us, support local markets, fight plastic pollution among others.

Our ancestors walked around with tiny pieces of leather as their clothing. They enjoyed fresh fruits and food that had no harmful chemicals. They harvested whatever they would consume without wasting

We should borrow a leaf from them.

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  1. So true. Thank you for your post, it is good to be reminded of this issue. When I grew up I only wore secondhand clothes because we had to save our money, when I left home I made all my clothes and I was proud to wear unique outfits made by me, then along came the kids and I began to buy clothes because I didn’t have the time to make…. And then it just became an automatic habit. It is only in recent years that I have become more environmentally conscious that I now enjoy up cycling clothes, buying second hand again and making my own clothes.


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