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Drought continues in the Kenyan Arid and Semi-arid Areas

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Drought continues in the Kenyan Arid and Semi-arid Areas

Some areas continue to suffer drought, with many rivers drying up.

This has led to a shortage of water and given trouble to anything that depends on it. Which we know, is almost everything.

If trees were to be planted in these areas, with no after-planting plans. Almost if not all seedlings will die. But if these trees were planted a few years ago, before we got here. Maybe things would have been better.

I keep reading how people have changed deserts into forests, with very beautiful before and after photos. What if this is made to happen in our arid and semi-arid areas.

It’s heartbreaking watching kids travel long distances for water.

Devastating to watch livestock die from hunger and thirst.

Even worst, is to watch an area turn into a desert.

Climate change is hitting areas hard, and people are suffering. The environment is deteriorating, and some species getting wiped away from the face of the earth.

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