The Magic of Actions

Access to medical services can be difficult and/or too expensive for many. Most of the time many of us take it for granted and feel entitled to it.

If you are lucky enough to have an insurance plan, medical check-ups are almost guaranteed and routine. But many are yet to enjoy this privilege.

Access to Medical services is yet to be possible for most people

It’s heartbreaking seeing the big numbers of people at the free medical camps not just for medical checkups, but for ailments they had to endure in silence due to funds associated with medical services.

It’s encouraging and heartwarming to see the hopeful and thankful faces after receiving medical services. You can see the pain go away as soon as they are served.

I hope for that day when quality medical services will be accessible to all. Either free or price friendly to all social classes.

If you can come through for those in need but have no way to meet the need. Always go for it.

Since I joined Young Muslim Association I have had the privilege to mingle with different people in need. From the worst hit by drought, those in die need of medical services, underprivileged schools, just to mention a few.

What I keep seeing are genuine smiles. This is both from the givers and receivers. The lesson that keeps shining is the act of not taking stuff for granted.

Is it true that the “World is unfair”?

Do you know how they say that the World is unfair? Maybe true or circumstantial. Nothing is guaranteed in life, and little things are what matter.

Each event opens you up to things you thought are obvious to everyone. Some remind you of stuff you take for granted. Sadly, some remind you of the fact of the privilege of being able to speak up on something that may be going wrong. Because it’s not so for most people. Just because you can speak up about your thoughts, doesn’t mean everyone can do so. Most people are still unable to speak up about their thoughts let alone speak up on things not going well.

Then we have the action part of it

In this era of lots of talking, more people are being drawn towards actions.

The small actions lead up to big actions. It’s encouraging to see simple and “small” actions contributing to the solutions we are yearning for.

From installing solar boreholes for communities for domestic chores. These boreholes allow the community access to water, which means women and children don’t have to travel long distances for water. The children get to attend their classes and women get to practice activities like kitchen gardens.

How about the underprivileged schools getting access to National Parks? They get to explore adventure as well as conservation awareness through the kindness of the givers.


The magic is in the actions.

Let speaking up be accompanied by actions. No action is too small. Let our collective actions drive the narrative we are pushing via our talks or activism.

Let’s lead by example and revive the hope in what we are all pushing for. Through actions, we will be able to win more people in saving our planet.

Sadly, speaking up is quickly being taken as “business as usual”. As soon as your words are out, you get acknowledgment but sometimes that is all you get.

This is because many see it as undoable while others see it as a waste of profits.

To unite these two worlds, we need a plan. The plan needs both actions and speaking up. The conversations will guide you on what to work on.

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