Have You Ever Thought What would Happen If We lost all Wildlife?

Have You Ever Thought What would Happen If We lost all Wildlife?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if we lost all our wildlife? Thoughts on what our planet will turn into, always make my stomach hurt. Can you imagine having no wildlife anywhere?

The rate at which extinction is taking away our wildlife

The rate is crazily high and we seem not to really understand how bad it has affected our ecosystem.

Species have been experiencing extinction and we almost started to get used to it, or even tend to think it as of little harm. Which is the very opposite. It gives us vivid reasons why we should be worried.

From the smallest species to the very huge ones. We rarely get to understand how they affect our living.

But now that we have people being used to pollinating flowers in our farms since bees started disappearing. We are trying to normalize their disappearance, the same way we did when computers replace human labor.

What happens to activities that humans cannot jump into and replace? What will we do about it?

Apart from listing and qualifying species to be endangered/ threatened/ extinct, what are we doing more.

I think its time IUCN also highlights how we can save our species. Parameters and responsibilities that should be taken seriously to ensure the endangered and threatened species don’t get extinct.

Not as a suggestion to the involved parties, but more of an action plan that should be implemented.

Anybody responsible for the welfare of both wildlife and flora. Should come up with preventive measures that ensure all species are safe from extinction.

We should not wait until when we have only one or two members of a species getting extinct, is when we apply scientific methods that can be used to revival it. Such methods should be applied early enough.

Just like Computers still need human touch to be effective, so does our planet need wildlife

Computers managed to reduce human labor, but never managed to completely replace humans. They do what we program them to do. Our ecosystem operates close to that. But in this case, humans don’t have an upper hand as we may assume. We need other species more than they need us.

Let us not think that we dont need wildlife and flora. They are crucial.


Do you best to learn on how you can be able to contribute to saving our species, as oppossed to killing them.

May every activity you get involved in, be eco-friendly and respectiful to our planet.

Our developments should not take a tole on the natural resources and areas occupied by both flora and fauna.

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