Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Do you have kids? Love interacting with them? Or even baby sit them for your friends, neighbours, family , among others.

Have you ever think about animation and their effect on kids?

Tv shows, movies and any other media contents is mainly animated. Almost everything in the kids world is in animation mode. Kids get an opportunity to be introduced to “animals” from their early age.

They are able to relate to the characters easily and end up having a good connection with animals. This might explain why kids easily connect with their pets.

They treat them with respect, see them as friends and will do anything to protect them. They don’t discriminate , as they will play with pets of other kids. They have a lot of love to share around. Maybe we share learn from them and kill all the hatred we hide inside our dark souls. That end up causing us to be tribalism, racist, terrorists, just to name a few.

I personally love animation with the many years that I have. I love cartoons too and definitely love babies. Still waiting to have some of my own some day.

The animation helps to create characters that helps to bring different behaviors out. There are both good and bad ones. A kid can easily judge an animal from what they see on their animation stuff.

Who doesn’t love the chipmunks? And Alvin and the chipmunks (chippettes) help to elaborate how sweet they are . What about the RIO, the sweet singing stylish macaw (blu). Just to name a few.

They end up knowing animals to be just like others. But get corrupted when they grow older. Sad.

Have you heard the assumption that animals no matter how dangerous they may be rarely hurt kids?

It has been said, filmed or even looked into. And many tend to believe that animals will rarely harm kids when they cross roads.

Maybe its because unlike older people, they don’t panic hence not producing adrenaline that cause us to wanna protect ourselves. By either running away, hitting back at animals or doing anything that will get us out of such situations.

For them, it will be just relating to their characters in real life. So they animals will end up not seeing them as a threat .

Wow! I already missed being a baby.

Start with baby steps

Conservation need us to teach kids about it from their early stages. So how do we teach them about protecting their characters in our real world.

  • You can start by taking them to the man-made places that hosts wildlife in captivity. These places include zoos, sanctuary, nature parks, orphanages, etc. This will help them see wildlife at a closer view as you try to break it down as simply as you can to them.

Teach them about their importance and ways to ensure their survival.

Not that hard, right? Baby steps always works to the best.

  • Remember to expose them to the wildlife documentaries.

Watch together with them. Give explanation when need be and initiate conversation. They can learn a lot from this.

Not only does they get to have knowledge about wildlife, you get an opportunity to connect with your kids.

Time to hit the road

With all the preparations, it’s time to test your work in the fields. Start including them in your safaris.

Allow them an opportunity to finally meet the wildlife in the wild.

Do you have any ideas that can be used to introducing kids to the wildlife in the wild? I would love to here them.

14 thoughts on “Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild”

  1. Sometimes kids can be overly enthusiastic. When my cousins were toddlers and my Exes grandnieces were young they used to chase the two cats that I had at that time all over my apartment. The poor cats were always trying to get away from them. The poor kitties would run into the closet and hide. Why kids want to pull the cats tail I don’t know. I was always telling them to leave the cats alone.
    When I was a child my parents would take us to the animal shelter where I could pick out a dog. I grew up with dogs. We lived in a house with a front and Backyard so plenty of room for us all. It was my responsibility to feed and walk the dogs. Plus since I was bullied as a kid I would tell my dog all my troubles. Even to this day I talk to my cat Sylvester. I relate better to pets than people.

    • You are so me. Pets have been one of my best friends that never betrays me no matter what. They offer so much love and companion. Hahahahaha, on the pulling of cat’s tails, i dont know why kids always does that. I guess its a way of playing with them or try to make them play.

      • As a young girl I always had a Heart for animals. I was the kid who would let strays into the house so that they could sleep in our basement. My Mom never knew what furry critters She would find when she opened the door from the kitchen that led to the basement! Fortunately our backdoor was there so my Mom could take them back outside.
        One time I enlisted my Dad’s help in taking care of a baby bird that had fallen out of a Tree. By the time I got to my 20s I was more of a cat person so we normally had two cats even when I moved out on my own. To this day I still feed the feral cats that wander into the Backyard of where I Live. I can’t stand to see animals suffer. Whenever I can I donate to the ASPCA and other animal relief organizations.

  2. Living close to the Rocky Mountains and all the wildlife – it’s important to teach kids to respect wildlife’s space and privacy by setting a good example and not getting out of your vehicles and stocking them with your camera until they get agitated and stressed.

    • That’s very important too. They should be able to understand how important it is to respect wildlife space. Wildlife are indeed wild and unpredictable.


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