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Sometimes I wish I was…

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Sometimes I wish I was…

Sometimes I wish I was a tree,
That feeds strangers,
Provide a home to birds and other animals,
Hold soils together,
But above all,
Caring and benefiting others without either of us knowing.
Sometimes I wish I was a bird,
Always happy and renewed each morning,
Not worrying about the future that I,
Or sad about the past that I have no power to change,
Living one minute at a time.
Sometimes I wish I was an Elephant,
With so much intelligent and great memory,
Able to truly experience and supply empathy,
With no predator, huge size and many years to live,
Yet still humble and tender as I pick the berries.
Yes, Sometimes I wish I was something else and not human,
And get to experience how they see life,
How they survive without greatly comprising other creatures' survival,
How they only take what is enough for one particular moment,
And co-exist with each other.

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