The Greater Apes: Orangutan and Bonobos

The Greater Apes: Orangutan and Bonobos

Today lets get to know two more greater apes, Orangutan and Bonobo


They are found in the rain forests, and native to Indonesia and Malaysia. These rain forests include that of Sumatra and another one for Borneo.

Their name loosely means a person in the forest.

Orangutan species

  • Tapanuli orangutan
  • Bornean orangutan
  • Sumatran orangutan

Unlike the ground-dwelling gorillas, Orangutan love to spend most of their time on trees.

Physical features

They have a reddish-brown hair covering their body.

The males are much bigger than the females. Dominant male have unique cheek pads.

They don’t have any tails. With very long strong arms and short bowed legs.

They are not very social

I tend to think that orangutans are the introverts in the greater apes kingdom. This is because, they are very solitary whereby relationships are only found between mums and their babies.


They are omnivorous, although fruits make the biggest portion in their diet.

Brain of orangutan

Just like the other greater apes, they are intelligent species.

They are able to use a number of complicated tools to make their work easier.

They also have excellent learing abilities.


They get to enjoy in this amazing planet up to 30 years whether in the wild or activity.

Conservation status

They are critically endangered.


They are short ones. Also seen as the dwarf chimpanzees.

They are relatively smaller compared to their close relatives, chimpanzees. Unlike the rest, female bonobos are bigger than the male bonobos.

They have a slim upper body, narrow shoulders, thin neck and long legs. It’s one of the greater apes that have physical features almost similar to those of humans.

Bonobos can manage to survive both on ground and on trees.

They are omnivorous frugivore. Feeding on meat, vegetable and fruits.

Conservation status

Bonobos have been listed as an endangered species.

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    Looking for the Light February 26, 2019

    I’m not sure I’ve seen a Bonobos, if so didn’t know it’s name.

    Cheche February 27, 2019

    Me too but from what I have read about them. They are quite a catch.

    Looking for the Light February 27, 2019

    I can’t wait to find a photo of and learn more. Tomorrow I’ll send screen shot DM on Twitter so you can see what shippers are asking. I’m determined for you and family to get the goodies.

    Cheche February 27, 2019

    Okay. Will send you bonobos photos

    Looking for the Light February 27, 2019

    I’m loving right now, can’t wait to see this lovely creature.

    Looking for the Light February 27, 2019

    chip like less hairy

    Cheche February 27, 2019

    Yeah, its are cute though.

    Looking for the Light February 27, 2019

    I actually got to help you, strange turn

    Cheche February 27, 2019



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