The Top Ten Zero Waste Holiday Hacks to Save the Planet!

As it’s the end of the year and people are gearing up to enjoy the holidays, you might be wondering how you can celebrate without doing any harm to our environment. But don’t panic!

Whether you’re attending a party or just spending time with your family and friends, there are tons of ways to reduce your impact on Mother Earth while still having tons of fun and enjoying the season!

In this list, we’ll go over the top zero-waste holiday hacks to save the planet, so that you can make your holidays not only fun but also as environmentally friendly as possible.

Give experiences, not things

Ready for some zero-waste holiday hacks? Here are my favorites.

1) Make your own gift tags– take a picture of yourself and add a special message, then print it on a card or cut out shapes from paper.

2) Use reusable containers for storing sweets or snacks– I like to use mason jars, clean out an old jar of peanut butter, or reuse an old pickle jar.

3) Create a beautiful candle by mixing cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg with soy wax flakes in small bowls.

4) Get creative with zero-waste wrapping: use empty toilet paper rolls, patterned fabric remnants, or scrapbooking supplies for festive gifts.

5) Send thank you cards in lieu of a fruit basket- make your own cards using old magazines and glue sticks, plus save fruit scraps from throughout the year so you can craft new delicious batches of jam all winter long!

Buy secondhand

Buying secondhand is a great way of zero-waste holiday shopping, and you can find some amazing bargains. In order for your secondhand purchase to be truly zero waste, though, there are a few things you need to do.

don’t buy something new when you find out that it’s not in the condition you were expecting or if it doesn’t fit quite right. You could also trade in what you no longer want.

Bring your own bags

Bring reusable grocery bags. Bring reusable shopping bags. Bring your own utensils, dishware, and eating utensils for communal dinners. Bring a container in which to collect trash.

Pack snacks in reusable containers or bring your own plate and silverware for food that doesn’t come with its own (potluck dinners and picnics). Think about what you’re bringing as well – have zero waste decorations on hand? A zero-waste gift idea?

Shop Local

If you can’t find a local zero-waste store, there are many online stores that offer zero-waste options.

Many communities and towns offer zero-waste holiday gift-giving options. You can also take your own zero-waste gifts with you when you travel. Recycle or reuse old items in a new way, like using a scarf as a basket for treats at your holiday party or wrapping gifts in newspapers. Put together a DIY zero-waste kit: fill up a Mason jar with some of your favorite zero-waste goodies, like organic cotton produce bags, tea tree oil cloths, bulk spices and herbs (and even some homemade herbal tinctures) so you have something useful to give friends who are interested in going zero waste but don’t know where to start.

Make your own wrapping paper

Making your own wrapping paper is a fun and easy way to avoid buying any in addition to being zero waste. You can find patterns online or make your own with paint, stickers, stamps, or anything else you can think of. You just need a large piece of construction paper and some markers!

Say no to single-use plastics

-Buy reusable dishes, cutlery, and cups. This can be anything from stainless steel water bottles and metal lunch boxes, to bamboo plates and compostable tableware.

-Skip the wrapping paper altogether by giving your friends and family gifts in reusable containers.

Bring your own food and drink

A great way for your family and friends to save the planet this holiday season is by bringing their own food and drink. This way, you’ll be able to eat or drink without adding any trash into the landfill. Plus, it’s a great way for you and your guests to show how much you care about our planet.

Educate others

Zero waste doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any of your favorite holiday traditions. You just need to do them in a way that prevents waste from ending up in landfills and oceans.

As we enter into a time of giving, it’s important to remember that our gift-giving practices have a huge impact on the planet.

Find a local pottery studio or art store and buy an original piece of work from someone in your community. You’ll find something truly unique and special this way, plus you’ll be supporting your local economy.

One Easy Way To Reduce Your Impact On The Environment Is By Zero-Waste Shopping. This Is Accomplished By Bringing Your Own Reusable Containers, Filling Them Up With Bulk Items, And Then Recycling Or Composting Any Disposable Packaging You May Have. The List Below Includes Ten Zero-Waste Hacks That Are Perfect For Holiday Shoppers Looking For A More Sustainable Alternative This Year


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