Wajee Nature Park

Wajee Nature Park

It’s home to the hindes babbler, located in Mukuruwe-ini central Kenya. It comprises of undisturbed forest that provides habitat to the many bird species found in this park. It’s between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare. Three hours driving destination.

The park has well-informed birders that will help you spot and enjoy the bird species both within the park and its surrounding. You can also be able to enjoy other wildlife during nature walks and hiking.

You can also enjoy camping after day activities. They offer all the items needed for camping if you happen not to have your own, from the tents, sleeping bags, both cooked food or you can choose to cook for yourselves in their kitchen, and everything else that you may need. They have an awesome fireplace that you can enjoy some warmth and laughter with other campers.

If you are not the camping guy, they have very beautiful bandas that are self-contained. They are very clean and well kept, have unique shapes and designs. It’s a home away from home.

They do produce their own honey and keep several faunas within the park. The ones that caught my heart were their peacock, unique chicken species, various duck species, and their huge arena for having fun.

It’s a place you never wanna miss.

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