Walking in the Woods Helps lighten the load in Our Brains

Walking in the Woods Helps lighten the load in Our Brains

Walking in the Woods Helps lighten the load in Our Brains. With everything going sideways each waking day, our brains need to chill a little. But this will not happen with everything happening around us, and everything is concentrated around that. The media including social media have almost all the wrong things happening around us. Yes, we do need to take of these things and make things work right. But we do need to exhale, take a step back, and understand how we got hear.

Karura Forest

The Sky is no longer blue

When we were growing up, developments were not as intense as they are right now. Due to their increase, we have witnessed the changes in our climate, the air itself is almost suffocating.

As the towns and cities continue to embrace developments and urbanization. The poverty level sky-rocketed, not forgetting the deteriorating mental health. The notch that towns and cities held green pastures and better lives. Made more people abandon their rural homes and moved to towns. What they forget to be keen on is, what’s really worth it and how long did they want to be in these cities. Before going back home and do something to make it better. And for those born there, find less populated areas to occupy. The goal here is to check the human impact on the available resources. We should not at any point exact unrealistic pressure on the natural resources, and have no plans to change that.

Apart from moving out of the over-populated areas, we should also work towards sustainable living. We should slow down our consumption and exploiting natural resources, to match what mother nature can provide at a given time and pace.

Stop ignoring directions provided to be used while disposing of our electronics and other products. We are mostly keen on how to use them, but when they are no longer of use to us. Most don’t really dispose of them correctly.


The Birds singing and the waterfall roaring makes your walking worthy

Any area with dense forests will always host birds who are always happy to live. They fill the air with their refreshing melodies. You may miss them, but the music will soothe your soul, it’s like they are co-ordinated.

For a minute, you are will forget all the wrongs happening in our world and appreciate the little things that matter.

Rivers, especially those with waterfalls bring life to the wood. As the water flows, the breeze kisses your face with calmness and carries your soul away. As the water hits down at the waterfall, and some evaporates into the air. You can never have any negative energy around a waterfall. They are unique in showing how beautiful our natural resources are.

You may even fail to feel fatigued or bored. They offer therapeutic benefits to you or free. They allow you to see and appreciate the remaining good thing on our broken planet.


Embrace Minimalism even after this pandemic

We have managed to survive on a minimalistic, this should not change after the pandemic is gone.

Let this pandemic be our reset button, lets come out of it disciplined and respectful to mama nature.

May we allow the noted pollution drop is permanent and our new norm. We should appreciate and use sustainably what is accessible to us.

Wildlife trade should be a NO go zone. Let the wildlife remain in the wild. If you need to see them, pay them a visit. They offer no medicinal value.

The medicines are in eating right from the garden. Reduce if not cutting out, the over-processed stuff. And we will get rid of a wide range of today’s diseases.

Kilima Mbogo
Kilima Mbogo

Kenya’s Park are Plastic Free Officially

I believe we shall travel again soon, and when planing that safari to magnificent Kenya have no plastic on you. It’s not official and illegal to have any single-use plastic containers in any conservation area. The rangers at the gate will go ahead to confirm the same.

This is great news, as wildlife was suffering from poor waste management by the few visitors.

Parting Shot

We are almost there, we shall overcome this pandemic. And continue to address all issues we have been sitting on. From poor leadership, racism, police brutality, poaching, conservation areas encroachments, human-wildlife conflicts, and many others. Silence solves nothing, just make things hurt you more. So does ignoring stuff. We have to agree that things are not as they are supposed to be, We will not win these fights that easy, but we have to press on.

Start from where you are and do right. Be the example, correct yourself before heading out and address the rotten society. We are one, and each and every one of us deserves to be here rightfully. No human is superior that the other, we all have red blood flowing in our veins. We have rights that need to always be respected.


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