2020’s June Feels like July

2020’s June Feels like July

2020’s June Feels like July, does the same applies to where you are? The rains and cold weather have been gracing Nairobi. Just when the curfew was pushed back a few hours. With the history of how Nairobians fear the rain, guys rush home as soon as the first drop hits the ground. Personally, I like it that way. Helps reduce chances for sweating and the heat.

June Climate Change chat that made my day

I was just saying hi to one of my buddies and innocently pointed out how July had “come” early. And my buddy was like, do we even have weather patterns nowadays? Funny enough, she is not into climate change and action but had some valid points that made us end up talking about for almost an hour.

She pointed out how the flood was experienced in several parts of the country despite being expected to be dry seasons. Not forgetting how these floods get followed shortly by long dry seasons. She was concerned about our farmers in the up-country, who these changes of the climate affect their farm produce.

She went ahead to joke on how rains in Nairobi are unpredictable. They almost come from nowhere. And since most people end up building on the waterways, we keep losing lives when heavy rains are received.

It’s evident that climate change is here with us. All we have to do is ensure all decisions made should have climate issues in mind. One way or another, everyone is affected by it in some way.

Its a relief to see Environment, Wildlife and Climate Change was well included in our 2020/2021 National Budget

As I was watching the National Budget speech, silently I was praying that they do include Environment, Wildlife, and Climate Change. Because they have not being given the needed attention they deserve. My second prayer is that this cash is managed effectively, and indeed be used for what they have been allocated to.

Climate action has been lacking sufficient funding and goodwill, despite being an important thing in our health. They affect our quality of life directly, and our negative actions fuel it continuously.

We have been gambling on developing to a certain point before we can embrace climate action. But I don’t think we still have this window. We have to couple up all our developments with all our development plans.

Sustainability has been diluted, to a point that not many believe in it anymore. We are not living up to it. But we should take this seriously.

We should tackle Climate Change like COVID 19

COVID 19 has been given undivided action and was attended to like ASAP. And from that reaction, we managed to reduce the number of infections as well as the deaths from its victims. For a minute, no one cared about profits affected, jobs lost or division created between loved ones. We all agreed to adhere to the set rules, and that’s what helps us conquer Coronavirus each day.

What if we extend the same courtesy that was extended to climate change? Clean atmosphere, less pollution, no more extinctions, and climate change refugees, will be history.

Coronavirus pandemic has already made us practice what is needed of us to eliminate our negative human impact, its a matter of making it a habit. Not that difficult, right?


Be safe and ensure a solution to our planet.

Do your part on an individual level, encourage your friends/neighbors to do the same, and do help your leaders to be accountable when it comes to Environment, Wildlife, and Climate Change. And we shall have a healthy planet in the near future.

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