We Are Sorry

We Are Sorry

We are sorry for not actioning on climate change as fast as needed,
For still championing more developments without considering environmental impactfully,
For putting profits before your health, land, and everything,
You are feeling the effects of climate change.
Yet contribute almost nothing towards your predicament.
Yes, we are sorry for turning your once fertile land into desert,
And we mark #DesertificationDay today,
We truly apologize for everything,
We have indeed been selfish to you,
You don't deserve that.

I will not promise that it will be better soon,
Because we voted in a huge number of wrong leaders,
And trust me, we are feeling it,
They have been doing a good job in stealing everything from us,
Maybe its karma finally catching up with us.

Climate, Environment and Wildlife is still new to them,
And they are very to open up to it,
So yes, sadly it may take longer than you may hope,
But we shall not lose hope yet,
So hang on there if you can.

May those who speak up for Climate, Environment, and Wildlife,
Continue doing so despite the results,
One day, one star will finally shine,
Its exhausting, frustrating and even heartbreaking,
But we have no other choice,
Giving up doesn't exist in our world.

Don't allow any other parts of our nations suffer desertification,
Plant and grow more trees,
Embrace practices that sit well with our Environment and Wildlife,
Be a living example and never get tired make our planet a better place.

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