Wildlife Too have Basic Needs

Wildlife Too have Basic Needs

Wildlife Too has Basic Needs, that needs to be met. And working to meet human wants at the expense of wildlife’s needs is very unfair. Needs have upper hand than wants, as we can still comfortably survive without meeting the wants.


We have been encroaching conservation areas for many years now, and still doing so through developments and farming. Wildlife’s space has been decreasing, hence making it difficult or wildlife to freely move around. Their corridors have been disappearing over time, and they can no longer connect from one conservation area to another.

With all these problems, humans still want to have more developments within the parks for their amusement. Yet wildlife needs the same space for survival. Is this fair? Can we for once think about the wildlife and make decisions favoring their future.

Its always painful to see the same people and organization employed, and trusted to protect flora and fauna do the exact opposite. They no longer have neither flora or fauna at heart. All decisions are profit-oriented and humans centered. And worst, not for humans survival or basic need, but for entertainment. As if wildlife doesn’t have a right to their home.


As climate change continues to terrorize our planet since humans are yet to take it seriously. Wildlife remains vulnerable. Its species are getting extinct, as food and water continue to be scarce. The natural disasters hit them hard, and they don’t have the needed support.

As the rivers and lakes continue to shrink and even dry, wildlife is forced to move to different areas in search of this commodity. Their movement exact more pressure on the resources on areas they move to. And this is one of the causes that push wildlife to communities, hence promoting human-wildlife conflicts. But that is rarely acknowledged while addressing humans -wildlife conflicts.


Just like water,  food makes wildlife move to other areas, including that occupied by humans.


As we make decisions, especially those that affect wildlife in the homes. Let have their best interest catered for first.

It’s their home and they deserve it. Our greed and profit-oriented plans should not cause harm to the survival under any circumstances.

We have been enjoying tourism revenue due to wildlife existence, it will be fair enough at least to allow them space to live in with minimal to zero human mingling. We have taken enough and even more from them, its time to stop and think of theirs. They too deserve to be fought for and subjected to a good life. And most importantly, protected from extinction.

Don’t allow anyone to make a decision that will make our wildlife disappear.

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