The Nairobi National Museum is located within the CB of Nairobi city. Its an information center that allows you to learn more about the Kenyan heritage both the past and present. Easily accessed and always open , so you can visit any day.
The Nairobi National MuseumMother and a child
The best department that I love is the ornithology one, they have managed to collect a wide variety of the birds species. They have birds that are found within the country and even outside. Very details information making it easy to study them. If you are interested in birds and have no knowledge about them , the big books keeps confusing you then you need to spend some time at this place. You will be able to learn all birds and get an opportunity to understand their physical appearance. They do offer guidance if you need one making it more fun and productive.

Civilization led to disappearance of most of the community tradition ways as people embraced it. The museum allows to see what you missed while growing up in towns, enjoys other communities traditions, history of our country and see where it all started. It a good place for reflection and history learning. Even the old railway , a piece of it is found inside the museum.

Dust was not a problem those daysEveryone knew their roles

Art is also embraced inside this museum, artist have been allowed to show case their brilliant art. You can also be able to purchase some if you make some arrangements. Its a collection of very talented artists offering a wide range of art to enjoy.
How many faces can you see?Together we are strongA dress for a married Kamba
(NB: You are not allowed to take photos at the gallery, that’s why I was not able to get those photos)
Mankind is believed to have started in African as per history, the evolution version. There’s a collection of what is believed to be where we evolved from and from viewing and studying them, you can be convinced that that’s where we came from. They are several setup illustrating how the people in the old age lived and history given at every station.
So this is how we looked?We have some similarities for sure

At the center of the museum you are able to weigh yourself and get know which animal has the same weight as you. Very funny indeed. The animals have been well preserved and organized, making it easy to explore.
A small demonstration of what to enjoy in the parksComparison weigh machineI had to know which animal we weigh the same
There’s also a snake park that allows you to know various snake species from the mambas, cobras, as well as the tortoise, turtles, monitor lizard, alligator, crocodiles, chameleons and even snails.

Marine department is yet to be fully developed but the available species are a thing to die for. The indian ocean has been transported to the Nairobi City, the corals are colorful and fish species are a number of them. The aquariums attached on the walls brings a very unique beauty into this museum.

You don’t have to worry about getting hungry here as you have been sorted in that sector. There’s a restaurant opposite the customer service that offers you all that you need to fill up your stomach. For souvenirs, worry not, this too is catered for.

The museum do have a botanical field whereby you can just talk a walk and experience nature. It comprises mainly of the indigenous trees and have trails hence easily accessed. If you are lucky you can come across the local communities carrying out some traditions within the botanical field as part of it is also considered as shrine.
For a fully enjoyment of this magnificent resource of information, you need more than one day to be able gain full benefits. The rates are friendly and the customer service is on point.