What’s your preference between bathtub or shower?

What's your preference between bathtub or shower?

What’s your preference between bath tub or shower?

What’s your preference between bath tub or shower? The question that came to my mind today morning as I took a shower. I thought of the water volumes involved and thought why not explore it with my readers.

Most of us will prefer shower, especially in the mornings on your way to work or somewhere in a hurry. While bath tub are preferred and associated to romance or just having some quality time after a long day.

But does our water usage impact considered while decided whether to go for a shower or opt for a bath tub. I doubt if it even come to our imagination.

I think we are only advised to wash our hands under running water. But the rest of the body can accommodate less water.


While standing below a running shower, you may not realize how much water you are using.

Some of us leave the showers open from the minute we set foot into the bathroom till the end. Not forgetting how some of us spends lots of minutes inside there. So you can guess how many cubic meters of water waster in every such baths.

Bath tub

For bath tub, the amount of water is controlled and constant. Hence can be controlled to avoid misusing water.

Although, some times we tend to have huge bath tubs that end up consuming as much water as the one that would have used ina shower.

So why am I talking about shower and bath tubs?

Water is one of the natural resources that are becoming too scarce with time.

Safe water for drinking will soon disappear from our taps. And the long tantalizing warm showers will be a history.

We are yet to embrace 100% water cycle around the world.

Meaning, most of the used water get wasted into the soils that are too dry to enable the water make way into the water tables.

Drylands are the worst victims, as the water tables are getting deeper and deeper. Thus too hard to be dropped.

Fresh water has directly been affected by the climate change. The rivers are drying, deforestation took away all the trees that helped in rains formation, among others.

This means that if we continue wasting the available fresh water, we have few years to do so. After which we will have no more fresh water.


Treat water as a very important commodity. Use it effectively and keenly.

No more washing utensils, vehicles, bodies, among other things we use water on. It’s time to use with respect and be appreciative that we have the available water in the first place.

Some of us already have no safe water for drinking. They are surviving on contaminated water, and have no other choice.

Water is life, lets respect it.

16 thoughts on “What’s your preference between bathtub or shower?”

  1. I became aware years ago about the amount of water wasted. Over the past 5-7 years. I only shower once a week. Taking a shower or bath was so painful and took so long. I use the wipes used at hospital to clean myself daily. If hair needs washing I can use bathroom faucet and control the flow. So glad you wrote the post, my husband is the worst at starting the shower before he needs to get in. My nagging hasn’t helped. 🙂

  2. When I was a child growing up we all took baths. Then when I went into the US Army no bathtubs only showers.
    Now I take showers Daily. Usually I take Epsom salt baths for achy joints or if I have a bad cold. I do enjoy an occasional bubble bath.

          1. Since I exercise I sweat a lot so yes I take several showers a day especially in the summer. Plus I refuse to be smelling and stinking. Showers also help my headaches. Water therapy.

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