Wildlife should be allowed a weekend

Wildlife should be allowed a ”weekend”

Wildlife should be allowed a ”weekend”. Two free days every week with no humans in it.


In our usual days arrangement, weekend involves Saturday and Sunday. Days that have been set aside for rest. Allowing us an opportunity to rejuvenate our bodies.

It is also used to mark the end of a week.

They are very important days for a healthy day, sharp brains and time to spend with our loved ones.

Why not allow wildlife a ”weekend” too?

Conservation areas are always open each given day, including the weekends and holidays.

In fact, they are super busy during the weekends and holidays.

This means that they can only be free from humans during the nights. But when poachers arrive, then they have humans poking into their lives more than required.

We are yet to have an effective system that regulates number of visitors inside these conservation areas at all time. Ending up having human traffic during the peak seasons.

This is very stressing to the wildlife whereby the shy ones become the most affected.

Who doesn’t need a space for themselves?

Every living thing needs a space for themselves and will do what they can to avoid anything/one who hinders that.

Plants will even bend the way up if encountered by another plant or an obstacle. Just to make their way into the sky.

For wildlife, it’s a little complicated. They need to hunt and head to the water holes. And humans know that. So they will definitely crossways.

This has end up causing some wildlife to change the hunting time, fail in their hunts hence starving. They suffer all these as they try to avoid encounter with humans.

My thoughts

As we come up with measure to restrict number of visitors into the conservation areas at one particular time. Lets introduce human-free days into these areas.

Lets allow wildlife privacy time and a short holiday from all our drama.

As much as I love to promote both domestic and international tourism. I also do care about wildlife welfare. Lets rethink about the much needed speed.

In this way, we will be able to have a win-win situation. We will get to enjoy wildlife during the allowed days. Then wildlife, will get to enjoy human-free days.


As we step into the weekend. As you get that weekend feeling. Think about how wildlife could also get to enjoy such.

They are our fellow living species and we have the power over them when it comes to such decisions. Lets not suffocate them with our presence in their natural habitat.

Just like our visitors visit for a few days and allow us the other days for our personal space. Wildlife need that too.

Do you agree with me in this?

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