Nature and Wildlife are the beauty of our planet

Nature and Wildlife are the beauty of our planet

Nature and Wildlife are the beauty of our planet. From the colorful colors and unique shapes. Have you ever seen an “ugly’ tree, flower or even wildlife.

Everything in the natural world is beautiful due to the beauty added by wildlife and flora.

Their beauty have inspired our fashion

Most of the fabrics resemble patterns of both flora and fauna (plants and animals).

Who doesn’t love animal prints. From the amazing stripes resembling zebras, the unique dots inspired by cheetahs, leopards, just to name a few.

This is also one of the threat facing wildlife. Because we not only copy their style, but end up killing them for it. To get a snake skinned bag, or a pouch made of girraffe hide, mats and coats from wildlife fur.

We are allowed to copy cat their style but not kill them. Fur, hide and skin belongs to them. And not to be used for our shoes, bags, coats, etc.

Their beauty offer the best interior and exterior designs

Have you ever visited a place whose decorations and design has been inspired by nature or wildlife. From the furniture, walls, roofing and simply everything in them.

There’s this place where the owner ha constructed an artificial waterfall. He has all kind of colorful birds which have roofless houses. Hence can be able to fly away when they want. An aquarium and all the furniture are from trees at their raw state. No smoothing has been done .

Spending a weekend there is the best idea you can ever have. Allows you to experience nature at a whole other new level.

Gone are the days when we had the boring walls painted of one color. Nowadays, we are not afraid to add more color.

We are also introducing live plants into our living rooms, hotels and any places we spend time at.

Just to confirm how nature brings more than colour into our lives.

They offer companion and more

In Kenya at the giraffe center, the giraffe will offer you kisses. So you wanna want some love and kisses. You only need a beautiful smile and some carrots.

What about the chimpanzees and gorrilas, as well as other primates in our zoos and orphanages. They are known to offer hugs and love to us. Trick is to always be nice to them.

Animal therapy is overtaking the healing and therapy sessions. Animals are doing more to heal us and make us feel better about ourselves.

Swimming with dolphins, sea diving to join the colorful fishes on the ocean floor.

What can we can ask more form these lovely creatures, other than protect them with our lives if need be.

Their beauty is a medicine too

Most medicines come from the herbs in our forests. Almost every part of them have some medicinal value. From the leaves, bark, roots and even branches. We have a tree that offers a very effective toothbrush.

Walking in the woods is therapeutically.

Their beauty fills our air with beautiful sounds

The birds wake us up very early with sweet memories. They grace the trees with their beautiful colors. Coming in all shapes.

When you spend most of your time in the noisy cities. You should try some place deep into the forest or a nature park outside the city.

You will get to enjoy the wind blowing the leaves, water moving down the hill, birds singing, atmosphere free from pollution, etc. It will be a different world you don’t wanna leave if need be.

So maybe you should try camping.


Our planet is beautiful, not because of us humans only. But because of nature and all animals.

Planet minus nature and animals will be a volcano mountain full of rocks. A place not good to look at. A lifeless one.

We need all these species , both plants and animals, to have a complete and beautiful planet.

A planet whose oceans are filled with fish and other marine creatures. And not plastic. A planet full of trees and not buildings. Highways with trees and not the empty ones.

Introduce life into your home by planting trees, flowers and if possible, have few animals too. Life is better with them included.

10 thoughts on “Nature and Wildlife are the beauty of our planet”

  1. I agree with you. Wild life, for that matter any life, is an important part of ecology and environment. Destruction of wildlife results in destruction of environment. In nature everything is properly balanced. If we kill snakes, there will be rise of species that are eaten by snakes. So I think for the sake of the world, wildlife must be protected, encouraged and if possible human population should be reduced.

  2. What a beautiful post, and as I read of all the wonderful things that come from nature I can’t help thinking about what an Awesome Masterful Creator we have. He has put so much detail into the smallest of these creatures. It was never meant to be this way, but one day soon it’s good to know that all this will be rectified.


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