How do you prepare for a trip in the wild?

How do you prepare for a trip in wild?

This article will help improve your next safari/hike or any activity you are planning to have in the wild.

How far have your explored this world of ours. Lets ensure we explore and visit different places before we vanish .
How far have your explored this world of ours. Lets ensure we explore and visit different places before we vanish or get too old to travel.


Planning is crucial
Planning is crucial

It is always beneficial to have things sorted and rechecked few days before before the trip. This includes:

  • Researching about the place you want to visit. Learn about their living organisms, culture, economy, safety, food, among others. Have a rough idea and history of how things run in that place.
  • Budgeting. You don’t want to cut your trip short due to insufficient funds. Always calculate what it will cost you during the trip. Don’t use the exact figures suggested by the sources that you will come across during your research. But rather have every thing in extra. It safe .Its better to have few coins left after the trip rather than left broke and stranded. For those who like doing their trips on small budgets. You can be able to save more by maintain simple and cheap spending during the trip. Money is the fuel to your breathtaking trip, make it count.
  • Come up with a plan. What do look forward to enjoy during the trip? Where will it start and what will follow. Have a rough idea on how you would like to have your trip unfold. Though this may change during the trip. It’s good to have an idea before hand. It will you understand their roads, requirements, fees, laws, among others. Hence preventing you from getting into trouble during your trip in the wild.
  • Understanding timing. Timing is everything. For you to be able to enjoy much of the wildlife in the wild. You really need to understand their timings. Different animals can be spotted during different time of the day. Carnivores will be easily spotted very early in the morning or late in the evening. Herbivores will be easily spotted near water sources around midday. Understanding such will help you have a successful trip.
  • Deciding whether you need a tour guide, friend or only yourself. Depending on your spotting skills and determination, you can decide how your want the trip to be. If you would like to have someone help you with spotting of wildlife. Then you need to find a guide or invite friend(s) to accompany you. But if you love adventure and quality me time in the wild, do it solo.
  • What activities do you plan to engage into. Are you going for a hike, expedition, rock climbing, kayaking, sky diving, ballooning, game-drive, backpacking, camping, cycling/biking, mountain climbing, and the other many activities doable in the wild. By knowing what you will want to engage into during your trip, you will be able to prepare accordingly. From dressing, exercises, food and many others. It will give you a clear view of the trip in your mind. Hence well prepared.
Who is your travel partner?
Who is your travel partner?

Things you need not to forget

  • Gears. They will be determined by reason behind your trip. But here are the common ones for all trips.
  • Camera. To capture all the amazing moments and sightings.
  • Comfortable and appropriate clothing. Not forgetting comfortable shoes.
  • Guide book and maps.
  • Notebook for those who like to note down things before they evaporate.
  • Right attitude. Have the right attitude during the trip, open yourself to ideas and what you will encounter out there. Wild is full of surprises, always put that in mind.
Maps are the googles when in the wild. Most wilderness have poor network coverage.
Maps are the google when in the wild. Most wilderness have poor network coverage.


Wilderness have a wide variety of benefits to the wholeness of our being. It helps heal almost everything from our mental health, curiosity, among others. So its very important to make time in our busy lives to have such trips. They don’t have to be expensive or pathetic. You can customise yours and have a great one.

Don’t forget to respect the wildlife during your visits, appreciate cultures of the local community and most importantly , ensure to maximally enjoy yourself.

Damn right

Have an awesome and amazing trip to the wild.

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