Is it out of Necessity or Greed?

Is it out of Necessity or Greed?

Is it out of Necessity or Greed? Whatever you do no matter how small or big it may appear. How important or what value it may have on you. What drives your motivation?

When Government acts after the public takes laws into their hands (Necessity or Greed)

Why do we protest? Why do we risk our lives and head to the streets? Carrying posters with reforms we desire to be attend to. Or problems that have not be addressed by the responsible people.

I love wildlife but I also respect human life and property. That said, I don’t support when humans take away whats meant for wildlife. Every life is important and resources for each species should be respected. It’s my desire that both wildlife and humans get their justice.

In 2015, residents around Kingwal Swamp (Nandi, Kenya) had to set the swamp on fire for government to hear them out. And yes it worked. Surprisely, the community ended up giving up their land to the swelling swamp.

The set the swamp on fire because the Sitatunga destroyed and consumed their crops. Leaving them poor and with no food. Sitatunga as per the Kenyan constitution is among the endangered species hence anyone found killing them risk a very long time in jail and/or hefty bails terms. Their damage is also not liable for compensation as they are not considered to create extreme damage as herbivores. So the community had to swallow the bitterpill till they couldn’t do so any more.

So when the Sitatunga destroyed the crops and community complained about it. Nothing much happened. But the day, community decided that enough was enough. Set the fire at night secretly. They were somehow heard.

The same community that saw the bad side of the wildlife, opened their land for tem. The talk they had and discussions helped them resolve those issues. And now work to protect the Sitatunga.

So why did the government and the responsible parties come too late. Wouldn’t they have hear them out early enough? They would have saved the poor creatures that lost their lives in the fire.

This is just one incidence where the government only act once the public decides to do it their way. When they see that nothing seem to happen despite their peaceful passing of the information.

Some are giving land to the wildlife while others are grabbing it (Necessity or Greed)

Habitat loss and destruction is one of the major threat facing wildlife around the world.

Space has become of the scarce and human population is growing very fast. And being the superior species, we are kicking other species out of their space to create our own. Wildlife happen to be the unlucky ones in this scenario.

Most wildlife live within the community, hence outside the protected areas. Most of these communities have learned how to co-exist with them and managed to live past the human-wildlife conflicts. Just like how it was many years ago. Before we knew what civilization was.

This is not the case in the urban communities. For them developments mean much to me compared to wildlife. For them wildlife in the Zoos, sanctuary, etc is the way to go. Why allow them roam around in areas we can use the land for the sky scrappers ? To them wildlife are not equal and don’t deserve to be heard but rather be taken away. They don’t see or feel their value.

This explains why most of the communities in rural areas will easily give up part of their land to wildlife. While parks within big cities continue to shrink each day.


So how do we attend and respond to conservation?

Can its necessity overcome our greed for the natural resources especially their natural habitat?

What value do you hold for the wildlife? Do you see them as a form/source of revenue? Or a heritage that needs to be protected?

Once we clearly understand such is when we can fully understand and appreciate conservation.

And we better do it soon. Remember , even the dinosaurs thought they would see tomorrow . And here we are and they are not.

14 thoughts on “Is it out of Necessity or Greed?”

  1. Beautifully written Cheche. Your article talks about one of the biggest problems wildlife faces world-wide. Continuing human consumption of land where wildlife exists continues, some without any thought about where the wildlife will go when they move into their habitat. I recently saw a documentary where one city in China created an ingenious solution. Now when they plan buildings, they are intentionally leaving land open and even adding plant life for the wildlife that lives there to be sure they have some space too. In a world where the population is continuing to grow, we need to arrive at a solution with wildlife in mind; allowing for plants and areas where the indigenous wildlife can live too. I know that Africa has a lot of animals that are endangered and losing their habitat and their lives to humans, but I believe that there are conservationists and wildlife protectors who are looking for ways to work with both, then a new way to live will become the solution. Have a great day.

    • Well said, Laura. Africa being a developing continent, not many have wildlife’s welfare in their developments plans. And that’s what is contributing to the extinction of wildlife species. As much as we may protest and hit the roads, they still ignore some of our grievances and we end up losing more wildlife. It’s sad.

  2. I love dinosaurs and it’s a shame so many other animals are long gone only to be seen in photos. One issue is the public argue among themselves, who’s right and who’s wrong. If you can’t have an united front on tough issues the government will likely turn their head.

  3. But it seems to be the same the world over, the politicians make decisions at their desks without really knowing about the situation, and then the citizens are left on their own. They make a decision to be popular internationally, but the people who voted for them don’t get heard or are being ignored.

    • Yet we claim to enjoy democracy. Government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. Only to end up in the streets protesting to be heard by the same leaders we elect.


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