May Their Souls Rest in Peace

May Their Souls Rest in Peace

May Their Souls Rest in Peace and we will wish their families, and loved ones all the strength they need. It was sad to receive the news of the killed rangers that came to the rescue of the civilians that were under attack in Congo. They had lives ahead of them, but that came to an abrupt stop. We hope the injured ones will survive and prove that the evil never wins.

How do we get Peace after this?

Have you ever thought about what happens psychologically to those who lost their loved ones to poachers? Do they blame the poachers? Or the government? Or their dead loved ones? Or wildlife?

Having an alcoholic dad, I know how blaming outside forces helps ease the pain. For a long time, I blamed my dad’s alcoholism to the substance, and when I could not get the satisfaction i was looking for. I changed the direction and blamed those who sold him the alcohol. I had these anger and rage that were left unattended for a very long time. And it started to hurt unbearably.

I didn’t want to believe that my dad was no longer my superhero. I fought bartenders and bar owners. Luckily, they never caused me any physical harm. Although they abused me, words that will forever stick in my head. I saw them as the cause of my dad’s conditions. As I grew up and start to understand the existence of a will. My anger and rage shifted to my mum. And this was the killer one. My mum has been and will always be the most important person in my life. She is my everything.

I could not understand why she had to suffer dad’s chosen lifestyle. I even went ahead to have a talk on the same with her. She did her best to help e understand her reasons and even went ahead to have grandma help slap some reasoning to my thick head. Finally, somehow I made peace with myself, but it was one hell of a journey.

With that in mind, I have been thinking if the loved ones of the killed rangers have a good support system that will help them truly understand their pain and loss.

Sadly Rangers all over the world get little paper and not well equipped like their enemies, the poachers.

Rangers are some of the most important people who have been undermined in our planet. I don’t think they get the required support from the involved parties, due to various reasons. Poachers even have automated weapons, while our rangers still have the heavy weapons that don’t march what poachers have.

Most rangers do their responsibilities out of the unconditional love they have towards wildlife and the environment. And more often end up paying for it through their lives. They ensure our heritage is protected, and when civilians are in problems. They don’t shy away to offer a helping hand despite the dangers. They are simply angels on earth.


To those who have lost their loved ones to poachers and other militia groups, we wish you strength and owe you all the respect. Your loved ones made it possible for us to still have a heritage to hold to. Blame will not help, but instead, postpone the need to deal with it. The people with problems here are those who take lives away, and they have a bitch waiting for the right timing known as karma.

You may not understand why your loved one could manage to sacrifice almost everything for wildlife survival. Take time to try and understand their passion. This will help dissolve some pain and, maybe with time you will finally make peace with what happened.

To the rest of us, let’s provide any support possible to each other. We are in this together.

The government and other security bodies, can we invest in security to ensure the killings slow down.

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