Protect what is close to your heart

Protect what is close to your heart

We should be able to protect what is close to our hearts. Because they mean a lot to us. We should not allow anyone, absolutely anyone mess up with them.

These things include our natural resources, cultures, public resources, etc. Anything we owe as a public, we should give it a thought and care for them.

How do we protect our public resources?

We have various ways we can be able to protect them. From outside forces, our corrupt leaders or the greedy lot within us. And we do so by speaking up and against such evil acts.

Anything that’s ownership falls under public. Is for the good of everyone. Everyone should be able to benefit from them. They should never be used to fulfill greed of the few ones. No matter how powerful they may be.

We should not allow our leaders to come up with laws that don’t support sustainable use of these resources. These natural resources should be close to our hearts. They have been freely gifted to us by mother nature. And as long as we use them suistanably, she will continue offering them to us. So when laws aren’t for the good intentions to mother nature, it’s time to scream really loud. Knock all doors and head to the streets till they hear us.

Change we need starts with us. We should embrace sustainable use of these resources right from our homes. Don’t allow your greed to make you extract more than needed. Remember everyone deserve a piece of this cake. When we appreciate and understand importance of sustainability . Then we can be able to conserve what we have.

Having learnt to take what nature can manage to regenerate, you will be able to teach others how to do so. You will be in a good position to speak through actions. You will have understood that for these resources to continue being present, we need to allow nature time and space.

Be the watch dog

Don’t peacefully fold your arms when you see people from somewhere digging stuff in your neighborhood. Or taking samples. Building laboratories. Or doing some new activities. And avoid questioning their actions.

Inquiry about such activities, join together with your neighbors and get to know what’s going on.

Be alert in each and everything happening in the area. After all, you will be the first ones to feel the impacts from such activities.

Do your own research on those activities, participate in the public forums they may have invited you to, ask questions and seriously look into the issue.

It’s your home, which happens to be close to your heart. Let no one destroy that.

Say No when need be

Avoid being the yes person. It’s not a very good behavior. You loss alot including yourself for frequently agreeing with everything. Always question everything. Before you give that yes, have enough information.

So they come and need to take some species away, or want to dig the mines, or want to build some factory.

Evaluate the pros and cons. And most importantly, how will the health of the community and environment affected. Health should always be your first and important priority.

Don’t allow them to do as they please just because they have power and money. The land belong to your community, guard it.


Just like you can never allow anyone to poke inside your eye. Let no one disrespect or damage what is close to your heart. And natural resources are some of the things closer to our heart.

You see someone disrespecting your culture, kick them out. If they can’t respect you, then they don’t deserve to be there in the first place.

No one has right to carry away our unique species or bring alien species to us. Make it clear and monitor.

Natural resources are for the public and we are the watchdags to ensure they are not misused by the few greed people. It’s your duty to ensure that the leaders you elec do their jobs correctly. Counter check their plans, actions and everything concerning what is meant to the public.

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  1. So right. It’s not easy stepping up and taking action but it has to be our duty to make that step outside our comfort zone. With social media we have another route by which can reach out even further or to audiences we couldn’t reach before. Even small actions can make change. Just do them now. Do them often.


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