What Do We Do About The Diminishing Space?

What Do We Do About The Diminishing Space?

What do we do about the diminishing space? Our planet seems to get smaller and smaller each passing day. With human population bursting from almost all corners.

This is despite the introduction of family planning, diseases, deaths from natural causes, among other things that reduce the human population. The numbers keep rising after every human census taken.

Surprisingly, we still have a few places where the government is pleading with its citizens to give birth. Due to the high number of its citizens being of very old age.

Space is a shared commodity among all living organisms

We have personalized all space as if it entirely belongs to only humans. Hence chasing away any other species in a space we think we need. We end up stealing space from the voiceless and defenseless species. And when they refuse to part away peacefully, we are gifted with human-wildlife conflict.

Since we are always right, wildlife gets blamed for everything. No one even tries to understand the root cause of the whole situation. Such is life for our wildlife.

Its time we drop the selfishness and acknowledge that space needs to be shared to other species too. To back off and allow them land meant for their stay on our planet. To refrain from taking more land from them for whatever reason.

Wildlife has preditors, old age or even diseases, that keeps its population in check. So they are rarely over-populated. And when it comes, we are quick to introduce more preditors to keep the numbers in check.

On the other hands, family planning is voluntary. Technology is helping us defeat diseases. Improved living standards, is gifting us long healthy lives. So our numbers have no option, but keep on rising.

As space reduces, so do the other resources

Space is the key thing when it comes to other resources that we need for survival. So when it becomes scarce, so do the rest of the resources.

We take everything and forget about tomorrow. Not allowing the producers with sufficient time and needed ingredients to reproduce the resources we need.

Technology may have made life easier and beautiful, but basic still remains in a natural nature. We have no given commodity that technology produced without raw materials. So they are fully dependant on the environment. Fortunately, the natural environment can do just fine on its own, if we don’t subject her to dangerous elements. And if do so, she has a way of reviving and moving on after some time.

It is important that we truly understand the importance of checking our growing population. If we curb growth, we will not need more space. Hence allowing the other living organisms the land they need for survival.


Every living organism is entitled to a piece of this planet.

It’s clear that the human population is growing at a high rate, so embracing ways to slow it down will be of great help for everyone.

We also have to understand that natural resources production depends on a balanced ecosystem. Where no one particular area is being over-utilized by one particular species.

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