Hiking is the answer

Hiking is the answer, if you feel overwhelmed and almost giving up on something you are working on or yourself.

Do you feel as if there’s no thing that has a point in life? You don’t see the need to do anything or be with anyone , any more. It’s like no life is left with you. You are in auto play mode , just doing stuff for the sake of it. No motivation or will within.

If you had a way out, you would gladly take it. But unfortunately you can’t see any. So you just operate like a zombie gone back to life. Nothing excite you at more. Not even your favorite Netflix show or game or your lovely pet. The whoe point is gone and you are stuck with yourself.

What qualifies to be a hike?

It involves a long walk or walking tour.

But don’t confuse it to be just a walk.

The difference is that hiking is when you are walking through a natural scenery or on a mountain. Hiking mostly takes place in mountainous or hilly areas -forests, mountains, and reserved parks. It’s more difficult than walking and might require to using more effort and energy, depending on the terrain

How is hiking an answer?

Few years ago, I was super stressed and like usual, i like to hide in such moments. I would give the fake plastic smiles and do my best to spend indoors. But this time it was different. Even my indoors seem not to be a solution this particular day.

I switched from one tv channel to another, tried to sleep and even tried to meditate. But nothing worked.

Just when I was about to give up and give in to the frustration. A friend texted me to join them for a hike. I was hesitant at first but I thought to myself.What do I have to lose. After all, am out of options to drive away the stress that was trying to penetrate my space.

Grabbed my boots and needed supplies. Weakly made my way to our meeting point. I continued with my plastic smile which now felt like a chore. Luckly, my friend talk less so i survived.

As we hiked up the mountain, thoughts made several mixed up rounds inside my head. But things changed when we got to trails where there was vegetation on both sides. There was fresher air, some sense of calmness and my nerves started to losen up.

As we hiked up, i could feel the stress leaving my brain and concentration directed to my body. I could feel the effect of the changing altitude, steepness effect on my knees and the view from up there offered a reason for a true genuine smile.

The higher we went, the further my problems felt. I was eager to make it to the top, and that was my point. Yeah, I had a point once more. I had a reason to push me up the mountain. My goal was the peak and I was not going to allow anything prevent that. Not even my too tired feet.

I literally held my waist as if i was pushing myself up. I concentration everything in me towards this goal.

By the time I made it to the peak, my morale was back. I could feel like myself once more. I was able to overcome my stress episode with one tough hike. And hence became my rescue incase i need that extra push.Or just looking for a good time.


Hiking allows you to use everything in you. Body, spirit and soul. Offers you support from the nature surrounding it. Exposes you to extremely important exercise.

Give it a try and you will enjoy the results.

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