What’s next after the ban on logging in Kenya?

What’s next after the ban on logging in Kenya?

Ban on logging is still on and loggers have started wondering what’s next for them. They seemed to no longer agree to remain silent about it.

Their argument

They argue that their contribution as timber production has an effect on our country’s GDP. In short cutting down our trees has more benefits than allowing to survive deforestation.
This takes us back to the priorities of investors when it comes to natural resources that seems to be beneficial when been done away with. We can equate it to the issuing of licences for trophy hunting.
It doesn’t matter what they contribute towards the GDP , ban logging should not be lifted any time soon. We should be able to attain the needed forest cover and even surpass it. Before we can think of allowing logging again.
Once we accomplish the goal to increase and save the forest cover. Logging should be controlled by very tough laws that will ensure it doesn’t takes us to the same mess.The public should be able to understand the importance of our forests. So that they can also provide a helping hand, in ensuring our forest are respected and conserved.

Some of the alternatives they can consider

1. Find alternative for timber

First thing I would recommend is that they look for an alternative for timber. Just like we replaced our plastics with other products. Timber too should be replaced. Then we can no longer need to cut down any trees.
Just like we are finding alternatives for firewood and charcoal, we have to have one for timber too. Samples including metals, concrete, among others. Its an opportunity to be creative and save forest cover.

2. Invest in man-made forests

Power company in our countries have their own man-made forests. They are the ones that provide them with the trunks they need as pole for their power lines. And they have graduated to investing in poles out of concrete. Good progress.
By planting their own trees, at least they will get to understand what it takes for that tree to stand that tall. The many years and effort required to have a full grown tree that they salivate after when they pass by a forest.

3. Re-forestation

Logger should have been the first people to participate in all the re-forestation campaigns. They have been benefiting from these trees. Getting good returns. And the licences they pay can not be equivalent to what they took away from our forests.
Without expecting anything in return, they should ensure that our forest cover is attained soonest. Its time they give back to the forests before they can think of anything yet. Its too early to thirst for our trees again.

My humble plea

I know you guys, loggers, have power and money. But for once put our trees into consideration. Let whatever you already gained from the previous logging be enough. Put into consideration conservation and restoration of our forest cover. See more of the forest than what you can gain by clearing it.
We are told not to bite the hand that feeds us. So why would you continue to complete finish whats left of our forests. Instead of requesting for the lift of the ban. Lead the country to plat the one billion trees. And ensure that they reach maturity. Your great grandchildren will thank you. Don’t deny the future generation an opportunity to enjoy shade a tree that you need to plant now.

I really hope you will accept and act on my humble plea.

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  1. After all the problems caused by depleting the Amazon Rainforest you would think they would listen and take notice!


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