Let’s Explore Nakuru Town, Kenya

Let's Explore Nakuru town, Kenya

Nakuru is the capital city of Nakuru County. It’s one of the largest cities in Kenya. It was once named the cleanest town in Africa. Sadly, that was taken away by increased population and urbanization. Climate-wise, Nakuru experiences a climate similar to the one in Nairobi. It lies 1850 meters above sea level. Being within … Read more

Why Kenya Needs To Conserve Its Wildlife, Flora, and Landscapes

Why Kenya Needs To Conserve Its Wildlife, Flora and Landscapes

Why Kenya Needs To Conserve Its Wildlife, Flora, and Landscapes Kenya needs to conserve its wildlife since it’s considered to be the cornerstone of its economy. Conservation of the wildlife in Kenya is a key growth to both the economy and GDP. This provides an excellent reason as to why Kenya should conserve its wildlife, … Read more

Bird watching at the Wajee Nature Park and its Surroundings

Bird watching at the Wajee Nature Park and its Surroundings Wajee Nature Park is home to the Hindes babblers, birdwatching is one of the major activities enjoyed here. The park is surrounded by well-maintained forests whereby the residents have co-existence with the flora. The community has been able to find a way whereby they can … Read more

Camping at the Wajee Nature Park

I left Nairobi at around 3 pm and by around 5:30 pm, I made my way into this amazing nature park ready to do some camping. I toured around familiarizing myself with the place since it was my first time here. Later I was joined by my best friend/guide, Robert, who gave me the best … Read more

Wajee Nature Park

Wajee Nature Park It’s home to the hindes babbler, located in Mukuruwe-ini central Kenya. It comprises of undisturbed forest that provides habitat to the many bird species found in this park. It’s between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare. Three hours driving destination. The park has well-informed birders that will help you spot and enjoy the … Read more

The Greater Maasai Mara Ecosystem

The Greater Maasai Mara Ecosystem

The greater Maasai Mara ecosystem comprises the Maasai Mara National Reserve, the surrounding conservancies, and the neighboring Maasai community. They believe in securing wildlife and practicing sustainable livelihoods for a bright future for both people and wildlife. All these have been made possible by the partnership of willing communities and wildlife partners. Interesting important facts … Read more

Maybe they don’t know

It’s very important to listen to both sides of a story especially when it comes to important topics like nature conservation. We are mostly fighting against our friends who destroy it and assume that they do it for their selfish benefits. I believe in conservation education and awareness as the key weapon towards saving our … Read more